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Ruffa Gutierrez And Her Two Daughters Express Their Sadness Over The Loss Of Their Dog.

Ruffa Gutierrez Can’t Help But Break Down Into Tears With Two Daughters.

People say that a dog is a man’s best friend. If you are one who has a dog at home or experienced being with one, it would not be hard to figure out the reason behind this famous saying. To have a dog is like having a friend, one that’s loyal and kind, and more than that, one that will never leave your side no matter what. It is also like having a child, one that you have to raise, cherish, and nourish. You have to take care of it as if it’s a person. What separates dogs from the other animals is its capacity of showing and receiving affection and endearment. It’s as if it can feel what you feel. And just like humans, dogs need love too.

Many of us are blessed to have a pet with us. With the current living situations nowadays, owning one is no longer as easy as before. It’s now more difficult to maintain pets because of the environment we are in. Not all of the places right now are pet-friendly. Some residential places don’t even allow owners to bring pets. Sadly, there are people who are forced to leave their pets behind because they are not allowed to bring them in certain areas.

As kids, most of us dream of having our own dog. It’s as if we are having a baby owning one. Usually, we get them as puppies and raise them to be strong dogs. Every year of a dog is equivalent to seven years of age. So we basically get to raise these wonderful gifts. In exchange for taking care of them, dogs never fail to show their loyalty to their masters. And truly, they bring so much color and joy.

Ruffa Gutierrez’ two lovely daughters, Lorin and Venice, are just like any other kids who dream of having their own puppy. According to their mom, Ruffa, they have been wanting to have one for so long now that was why she finally gave in to their sweet request and decided to get her daughters their very own puppy. 

Just recently, Ruffa left many wondering why she was caught looking entirely devastated as if she just broke down in tears. Many speculations came circling and some instantly began to link stories about her love life thinking that, maybe she had a meltdown because of another heartbreak from her new relationship with partner, Jordan.

The actress was supposed to attend a big event along with renowned photographer Marc Nicdao, however, she ended up not being able to attend. She also wasn’t able to attend to all her engagements that day and this left many confused as to what the real reason was.

It was right then when the actress addressed the concern and clarified to the public the real reason as to why she was caught in such distress.

According to the actress and mother of two, she broke down into tears because the puppy that she just bought for her daughters turned out to be very sick. It was a very sad moment for them because Lorin and Venice have been wanting a puppy for so long and even if the puppy has just been with them for about 24 hours, the two kids have already been so attached.

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The mom couldn’t help but also feel bad for her daughters and the puppy’s condition. When brought to the vet, they found out that the puppy very sick that the doctor said it would be lucky if it lasted another day. We hope that the puppy got well and that everyone’s feeling better.

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