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Janella Salvador was suddenly punched by an unknown man while on a mall tour.

Janella Salvador was suddenly punched by an unknown man while on a mall tour.

First, it’s important to understand that fandom has been around since the earliest days of showbiz industry. We all have our favourites when it comes to actors, actress, singers, and songwriters, but there are some people who take the definition of "crazy fan" to a whole other level. Every artist will have to deal with a crazy fan at some point in their career. Most artists will have some sort of altercation with security. 

A lot of instances that fan may be overly aggressive to their idols. They say that they would do anything for the artist that they love. But sometimes, too much can really get out of hand. Some fans get excited and get carried away by the emotions that they are having a fans day. Artist is being scratched, elbowed, arms pulled, or being the shout out at right is one of the risks and nightmares to encounter on being a celebrity. But we can take it as positive for they are just showing their appreciation to their idol.

Recently Janela Salvador and Elmo Magalona had a mall show in Subic to promote their Valentine Film - My Fairy Tail Love Story. The movie is under Regal Films and due to the popularity of the couple, a lot of people came to the mall show. It was calm at first then during the time the stars came out, it went out of hand.

My Fairy Tail Love Story is about Chantel (Janella Salvador), the only daughter of a rich, separated couple. After making a scene at her debut, her dad makes it up to her by sending her and her friends on a trip to a private island. While there, she contracts a magical curse and wakes up the next day in her bed as a mermaid. Her best friend Noah (Elmo Magalona) is the first to discover this, and he helps her try to break the curse. She becomes convinced that the key is getting true love’s kiss, which she thinks she’s going to get from celebrity DJ Ethan (Kiko Estrada). But Noah has been harbouring feelings for his best friend, and he struggles on the sidelines as he watches their relationship blossom.

The relationship between Chantel and Noah becomes the most problematic portion of this movie, which otherwise makes pretty good efforts at subverting the clichéd young romance tropes that have plagued the genre for years.

The film is smart enough to mostly avoid glorifying his pining for his best friend but still ends up playing at a version of harmful co-dependence that doesn’t seem entirely fitting given what the film is ostensibly trying to do. But overall, this is a pretty clever, often funny little film that questions the magic of fairy tales in order to deliver something a little more reasonable.

During the event, a lot of audiences got excited and ecstatic upon seeing Janella and Elmo that even security team was not able to handle the situation. One male spectator accidentally hit Janella Salvador with his elbow resulting for the actress to have a lump in her head.

It was chaos, Janella and Elmo got attacked by a lot of fans, elbows here elbows there, they really were that loved as others would say. Everyone apologized to their social media account and Janella was reported fine after the incident.

The movie does do some clever things within the context of fairy tale magic, adding little modern touches that provide a more realistic perspective on love and relationship. And it manages to do it while staying within the boundaries of a family-friendly film.

That deserves some real credit. It visibly stumbles here and there, its steps feeling a little uneasy as it plies the same tropes it’s criticizing. But it’s still making steps in the right direction, and that counts for something.

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