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Spooked Man Shares Terrifying Photos During Their High School Reunion.

Netizen uploads downright terrifying pictures captured during their high school reunion on Facebook.

Superstition follows us everywhere. We unapologetically cross our fingers when we're in need of a little extra luck. If you are spooked by Friday the 13th, you're likely not alone, as we humans are a superstitious lot. Many superstitions stem from the same human trait that causes us to believe in monsters and ghosts: When our brains can't explain something, we make stuff up. Some people are saying that superstitions can sometimes work because believing in something can improve performance on a task.

For Jayson Posadas, he really got shocked by what he experienced and saw while they were having a high school reunion. It was so creepy that a lot of people got shocked with what they saw. Jayson Posadas uploaded 2 photos, one where he was in the photo and another one was he wasn’t in the photo. But the thing is, in the second photo, his upper body is gone and we all can see his feet! Creepy right?

According to Jayson, “This photo was taken last night kasi nga nag reunion kami ng mga highschool classmate ko. Yung 1st photo makikita niyo na nandun ako then the 2nd photo makikita niyo na wala na yung upper body ko pero yung paa ko nandun pa din sa picture.”

He added, “Yung mga ganitong sitwasyon hindi dapat binabaliwala bagkus bigyan natin ito ng pansin para makontra kung ano man yung signos na gustong iparating ng senyales na ito. Syempre nung una ko tong nakita kinilabutan ako kasi 1st time nangyare sakin to hndi ako maniniwala na inedit to kasi nga 7am na kami natapos so hndi na pagaaksayahan ng mga kasama ko para iedit to kasi nga may mga hang over din sila.”

Like in any other country, Filipinos have their own set of superstitions or ‘pamahiin’ inherited from ancestors. Sure, some of these may have been influenced by other countries and cultures, but Pinoys also bring in their own flavour to the belief, making them more interesting or ridiculous-sounding, depending on how you look at it.

For Jayson, this might be an example of this superstition.  When someone sees you and you appear to be headless/no upper body part, it means you’re about to pass away.

This is one of the popular superstitions in the Philippines, it is when someone says that he/she cannot see your head/face, it means that you are going to passed away. Soon.

Same belief applies to photographs in which your face or head appears to be missing or darkened/blurred/shaded for example. However, you can still change the course of your “fate” by taking off the clothes you’re currently wearing and burying them in the ground or burning them as soon as possible.

Superstitions are major parts of our culture – they’re either strict staple beliefs or simply topics for amusement. Filipino superstitions are pretty far-fetched, nonetheless, the older generation abides by them like they’re a part of the will of heaven or something. In fact, there are some who still practice them.

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Source: Facebook | Philnews


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