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Sunshine Cruz Shares Her Sentiments On Broken Car Given To Her Daughters.

Sunshine Cruz Shares Her Sentiments On Broken Car Given To Her Daughters.

One of the most challenging things of being legally separated from your spouse is the responsibilities that come with it. Unlike the time when you are happily married, it is easier to decided and to delegate the tasks needed to be accomplished in the household and to provide the things needed by your kids. But when you are separated, it is harder because of the ill feelings and the past hurts that might affect the decisions that you have to make. Another thing with this kind of relationship is the safety and the welfare of your kids because you are already separated your goals may not align anymore and other things might be prioritized.

It is harder for the woman when she has the custody of the children especially when her previous spouse has a different set of priorities now in life. This is common to many families and it is always the struggle to many people. But sometimes we also hear this kind of things infamous celebrities. As fans, we can only give love and encouragement to them but we cannot know what might really happen. This is seen with the phenomenal star, Sunshine Cruz. She's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw her sentiments about how her ex-husband Cesar Montano provides for their kids. People are now talking about it all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Mr. Tsismoso" featured the actress Sunshine Cruz. We all know that Sunshine Cruz is one of the veteran stars in the showbiz industry and she is also one of the well-respected showbiz personalities today.

She did quite well on many projects and even today the actress is still starring in many movies and TV series. With all these in mind, the actress is quite active in her career and her fans are always updated on her daily life.

But recently, she's been making a buzz on social media after people heard an update about her family life. People were quite surprised upon hearing what she said and they are now giving their sentiments about it.

In a Facebook post, the actress said "Ang sa akin lang naman. Kapag ikaw ay magulang at alam mong pwedeng mapahamak ang mga anak mo sa sasakyang ikaw ang napag-atasang mag-provide sa kanila, hindi mo ba kaagad gagawan ng paraan? Kung ako kasi yan, agad kong gagawan ng paraan especially if you have more than 3, 4 or 5 cars in your garage."

She continued, "Iisipin ko ang kaligtasan ng mga bata at hindi yung galit mo sa nanay nila na hiniwalayan ka more than anything dahil ganyan ang tunay na pagmamahal ng isang magulang sa anak. Hindi mo idadamay ang mga anak mo sa sitwasyon nyo ng nanay nila. As a parent to my girls, nagagawan ko naman ng paraan ang bagay2x dahil ayokong masaktan o ma aksidente ang mga bata but I am not that rich kaya repair repair lang ang nagagawa ko. Sana lahat ng magulang ganyan ang puso pagdating sa mga anak. #justathought."

The actress concluded the post, "P.S.ordered a new van which will arrive anytime next month. I’ve saved enough thanks to Wildflower and endorsements. Ano kaya sa palagay nyo ang pwede ko gawin sa van na pinahiram sa mga bata na nawalan ng preno at for years po ay every week ang sira at pagpapatawag ng mekaniko?

A: pasabugin
B: ilagay sa junk shop
C: return to sender, mag-ala-Julio Ardiente at pasabugin ang sasakyan sa harap ng bahay ng sender lol”

The post immediately went viral on social media and fans are all shocked of what is happening with her family and they are now giving their sentiments about it. They were all sending their love and support and they are all admiring the actress for being strong despite the many challenges that she has in her life.

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