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Farmer believes the photo of his idol actress saved his crops.

Farmer believes the photo of his idol actress saved his crops.

Farmers are faced with new challenges and opportunities every day, from feeding an expanding global population while meeting strict new emissions requirements, to producing more food on fewer acres while minimizing their environmental footprint and others. It is a lot, but one of the farmers in India thought of a solution for his farm. It may be funny, but mind you it is effective.

In an unusual move to 'ward off evil eye', a farmer in a village in India has put up a giant poster of an attractive woman in his field. A Chenchu Reddy, a 45-year-old farmer, is not exactly a fan of the actress and says that he used the poster so villagers do not look at his bumper crop and instead focus on the alluring actress. It was far from a scarecrow but it does the trick!

“This year, I have a good crop of 10 acres. This has been attracting the unnecessary attention of villagers and passersby. To ward off their evil eye, I thought of this idea of putting up the big flax poster of Sunny Leone a couple of days ago,” said the farmer. He claims that the alternative scarecrow has been working a treat. So much so, in fact, that he reckons it might be magic.

The cauliflower, okra and chilli farmer was quoted in local media as saying: "Year after year, I would suffer losses because of a poor yield. The crops looked healthy for some time, but then something would go wrong. It then struck me that my farm is located next to a road and every passerby can see it.”

The poster of Sunny Leone in a red skimpy swimwear also has a line written on it in Telugu, “Orey, nannu chusi edavakura (Hey, don’t cry or feel jealous of me)!” Apparently Sunny Leone in a sultry pose has kept all the attention to herself and Reddy's crop has been saved from 'evil eye' and Reddy has a bumper crop of cauliflower and cabbage.

“The trick has worked. Nobody is looking at my crop now,” Reddy said. Superstition fills the farmers in the village to use different tactics like scarecrows with an upside down clay pitcher, fearsome dolls (called “bommalu” in Telugu) and demons are drawn on a metal plate or a pumpkin to scare away birds and block the “dishti bomma” or evil eye.

You can watch the video below:

But the use of a poster of an adult star-turned-actress is a first anyone has ever heard of. Reddy thinks he has not breached any indecency law nor does he care about officials or police finding the poster objectionable. And Reddy also shut down the notion of possible protest from local officials, saying: "The officials never bother to come to our fields to find out our problems. Why should they have any objection?"

There are a lot of solutions that you can use in solving a problem. But making it a funny one is quite epic in so many proportions.

This idea is so unique that some of our local farmers might follow in the future. The important thing in this situation is that no one got harmed and no one got offended.

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