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This Former Famous Celebrity Left Showbiz And Now A Policeman In Toronto Canada.

Former Star Magic Artist Don Laurel, Is Now A Policeman In Toronto, Canada.

It is part of the daily job of a police officer to go out on the road and do calls around the local area. Something is different though when a certain policeman of the 32nd Division in Toronto goes through his day job. “When he went out on the road and did some calls I noticed that he had a little bit of a fanfare following him around and recognizing him,” said Sergeant Lawrence Sager of the Toronto Police Service 32 Division.

"We were patrolling an event in Earl Bales Park," Laurel he described the days his fellow officers first learned about his past life in the limelight. "People kept coming up to talk to me and take pictures." Staff Sgt. Andy Sawyer said everyone in 32 Division. "Out of curiosity, I actually Googled Don to see what all the fuss was about, and I saw one or two of his shows online and I thought it was very interesting," said Sawyer. 

How Laurel, who moved to Canada with his family from the Philippines when he was 12, became a heartthrob in Filipino movies and TV shows is a story in itself. In the 1990s, when Laurel was 22 and living in Bradford, Ont., he won a talent competition where the winner got a chance to audition in the Philippines.

He had continued to speak Tagalog at home after his family immigrated to Canada, so he had no trouble booking gigs almost immediately once he went back to the country of his birth. His career took off thanks to his work on TV shows like Gimik and Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan.

Their confusion was cleared up when they discovered who this policeman was before he joined the force. Constable Don Laurel is a former Star Magic talent. For the past six years, he has been a frontline police officer of the 32nd Division of the Toronto Police Department in Toronto, Canada. He also works with the Philippine Consulate there during information sessions with immigrants by explaining the laws and their rights to them.

“I’m very proud to wear this uniform and helping out not just the Filipino community, but the whole city of Toronto,” Constable Laurel proudly said.

It has been his childhood dream to become a policeman and when he moved to Canada, he was able to make this dream come true. As a Canadian police officer, Laurel tells fellow men not to be afraid to follow your dreams

Since then, Laurel has contributed a lot to Filipinos who are the second largest ethnic community in Toronto. He works with the Philippine Consulate in Toronto and holds information sessions for newcomers, explaining the laws and their rights to them. Laurel's acting and ethnic background have helped him on the job.

"I'm always looking for people that can represent the police service in a professional way that can talk well to people and can interact and he has the advantage of knowing the language," said Superintendent Sam Fernandes. Laurel tells the Filipino community not to be afraid to reach out to the police for help. "I just want them to know that it's ok to speak, we're there to help you," he said.

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