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This Girl Saved A Chinese Guy From Ending His Own Life By Doing This To Him.

This Girl Saved A Chinese Guy From Ending His Own Life.

There have been a lot of studies and researches on the uprising growth of a number of our young generation committing suicide. Apart from that, although it hasn’t been widely talked about, many are found and confessed to suffered from depression, anxiety, and conditions of the same sort. This state of making people vulnerable to sadness, sometimes, too much that it becomes unbearable for them to handle.

There are several reasons that prompt a lot of people to feel this way. It could be frustration form the circumstances they may be dealing with, tiredness from the routine that they have, or generally, a feeling of hopelessness among themselves. They feel as if they are in isolation, where no one would understand what they are feeling, and that they’re entirely alone. 

Individuals vary in personalities. We all have a different process on how we cope with the situations being thrown at us. Others are stronger than some, they see difficulties as challenges that needed to be overcome, while some are not as strong, and often drown in the struggles they are dealing with.

Lucky for some people, they have a strong support system around who helps them overcome trials. Encouragement plays a major and vital role when a person already seems helpless. Fortunately, a lot of organizations dedicated to lending a helping hand are also present these days. Various movements have been made to raise awareness, with an advocacy to send a message to everyone out there, that whatever it is you’re going through, you are not alone. 

However, some of us don’t have the luxury of having a good support. It is sad that while so many people experience the same condition, not everyone is accepting of this. Many find this topic a taboo, and most are quick to brush it off, or worse, judge the person suffering from this state, making those involved uncomfortable, scared, even ashamed. This leads a lot to refrain from talking about it and just keeping it to themselves. The downfall of this, however, he wants to stay quiet and keep it to yourself, you don’t really give others a chance to help you out. More often than not, this makes it unbearable enough to some, so much that it results in wanting to end their lives.

This is exactly what happened to a young Chinese boy named Liu Wenxiu, who was found by authorities in the middle of a pedestrian bridge in downtown Shenzhen, ready to take his own life. 

The boy is only 19 years-old. He had a knife with him and was about to end his life when, fortunately, a girl who was passing by, spotted him and was brave enough to come near him to try to stop him.

She didn’t know him but said that she knows how exactly it is to be in that kind of situation. It was known to people afterwards that Liu’s reason was his girlfriend, he was probably heartbroken, and on top of that, his mom passed away, leaving him to his stepmom who didn’t really treat him the right way.

Thankfully, the girl was able to stop him by talking to him, giving the authorities the chance to get the knife that he was holding, and stopping him from taking his own life. This is an eye-opener to be mindful of loved ones. You never know what a person could be going through.

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