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"This Is The Saddest Day Of My Life" This Doctor Couldn't Save The Life Of A Pregnant Woman.

Doctor Couldn't Save The Life Of A Pregnant Woman ” This is The Saddest Day of My Life. “

As a physician, you are a product of medical culture; in that culture, there are unspoken manners and mores that its members are expected to note and assimilate. In dealing with patients, for example, the historical model has been for physicians to remain cool, calm, and collected at all times. Your approach is to be strictly scientific: logical, objective, methodical, precise, dispassionate, the very embodiment of the term "clinical." This, medical tradition has it, is in the best interest of doctors and patients alike.

People choose a doctor because saw something beautiful in helping patients overcome the agony and isolation of illness. People spent years training to build bridges with their patients, to listen, and to be empathetic. And patients tell them they want these healing relationships with doctors. But for the doctor in this article, he was so devastated by what happened to the pregnant woman.

According to him: “Today I cried bitterly because I lost a woman, we don’t pray for things like this to happen but sometimes God may have other plans. Why is this woman’s case so painful? She has been barren for 14 years! We have tried IVF & so many methods known to man, the woman went through a lot. Finally, God blessed her, it was way beyond science and human knowledge."

"She just got pregnant despite the fact she has an ovarian cyst and a huge load of fibroids, brethren she got pregnant. Her fibroid started melting and everything was OK, I know that’s God, he will do things just to show off his glory and awesomeness. After 9 months, it was time, her husband rushed her to the hospital and quickly I left everything that I was doing and attended to her. She laboured for hours, after 7 hours, it was so painful so we decided to open her up.”

He added: “We lost her but the baby was alive, Before her death, she held the baby in her arms and smiled “God is great” and then she gave up the ghost.I was devastated and sad, I went to break the news to her husband myself, upon hearing the news, her husband fainted, their happy day just turned sour. We lost a life just to deliver a new life today. Please respect women because they pass through the valley of death to bring life. Respect your wife! Carrying your baby for 9 months is no jokes and labouring for hours to give birth to your children is a huge sacrifice."

He also prayed: “pray to God to please protect everyone reading this, especially pregnant women, please put them in your prayers. Dear husband, I repeat respect your wife because she is truly the giver of life. May God strengthen all pregnant women, you will all deliver your babies like the women of Hebrew.”

If you are a doctor and you are reading this, please be honest with yourself about which one of these reasons or types you fit into. It’s really important to know this because as mentioned above, you will relate differently to everything in your life and medical practice than physicians in the other categories and you will need help with hurdles that are specific to the doctor type. 

The most important thing to understand here is that all physicians are human beings and have the same problems in life that everyone else has. In addition to the usual problems that we all have, physicians have a whole other level of stress that comes with being a doctor.

The purpose of this article is to let doctors know and learn some new information that will help them to have a happier, healthier life and medical career. If you are asking, what these doctor categories have to do with stress and burnout, here is what I have discovered:

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