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This Pinay Seafarer Captures The Heart Of Many Because Of Her Goddess Beauty.

Pinay Seafarer Smashed All Stereotypes As She Became An Officer In A Cruise Liner And Crushed A Lot of Men Because Of Her Goddess Beauty.

Today there is no field where the women have not shown their worth. Women have shouldered all kind of responsibilities with grand success. The entry of women into the seafaring trade is a small but a growing phenomenon. As seafaring is conventionally a man’s world, many women fear to take it up a profession. However, a lot of women believe fear is nothing but only a product of our imagination. If you believe in yourself and if you have a strong determination, trust me, nothing is unachievable.

Seafaring is a difficult task. One needs to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally before choosing this as a profession. It requires strength and courage, however with a positive attitude and approaches you are good to go. For Yvonnie Aliwate, after she finished her studies, she already fixed her papers so she could immediately apply as a cadet in ships. However, most companies turned down her application because as she pointed out, “Kadalasan ayaw sa babae.”

Working onboard a ship is fun and challenging for her at the same time. Every day is always a learning day. She learned while she works. Each day comes with a new hope for her, a new beginning, a new lesson and new bunch of challenges. There is never an end to learning new things. For her it is enjoyable. As every profession has its own set of challenges, so does the maritime industry. Being an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry over the years, it presents some unique and unusual challenges, especially for the women seafarers.

Shipping is one of those very few industries which has the lowest number of women workforce. Blame it on the traditional mindset of the “male-dominated” industry or the lack of awareness, the paltry number of female seafarers clearly states that very little has been done to encourage women for taking seafaring careers.

For Yvonnie, she never lost hope in getting a job, in fact when she applied to all the shipping companies a lot of them rejected her. But that didn’t stop her from fulfilling her dreams. 

She looked for companies that would hire women seafarers and found one. When she got in, she proved herself to be the best. She showed the best version of herself and rise up to the job. She started from the bottom and now she is one of the chief mates in that international cruise ship.

As a chief mate in an international cruise ship, Yvonnie proved that she’s no helpless mermaid but a goddess to be respected. She wrote: “Wag kang umasa sa swerte. Gamitan mo ng umaakitabong gigil ang iyong puso sa pagtupad ng mga pangarap mo.”

To everyone, you have to come out of your comfort zone and work hard to prove your worth. Look Yvonnie as an example, she never stopped in reaching her dreams. And with all her hard work she reached the destination that she wanted. Though it may be difficult in the beginning you have to carry on and your confidence will begin to rise.

As you work harder, you will gain strength to be on the top. To all women seafarers, don’t ever give up and think you are less competent to anyone. With persistent and diligent efforts you can make the impossible possible.

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