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Top 14 Celebrities Who Have The Fairest And The Most Flawless Skin In The Industry.

Top 14 Celebrities Who Have The Fairest And The Most Flawless Skin In The Industry.

It's a question that many people always asks, "How does my favorite artist get her glow"? While the good genes and sought-after glam squad may attribute to the artist’s flawless complexion, according to celebrities, good skin starts from within. If you don't sleep, don't drink water, and don’t take your vitamins it will show up on your face and you will feel it in your head and your body.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Confidence starts with great skin, and great skin starts with protection from the sun’s rays. While we all know that we should use SPF daily, we also know we don’t want to alter our makeup routines or have our makeup slide off our faces by midday. It’s no secret that in the society we’re currently living in, the best that describes the term beautiful is having a fair and flawless skin. 

Aside from that, we also tend to believe that the only ones who deserved to be called beautiful are the fairest and those who have the most flawless skin. Although it’s pretty hard to argue with such thing, we still end up believing that the lighter the skin tone, the more beautiful they are.

In the showbiz industry, there are lots of celebrities who have a skin that’s as white as snow. In fact, the showbiz industry is filled with celebrities who have the most flawless skin:

14. Kim Domingo

Before she became an actress, she was once an internet sensation

13. Vicki Rushton

The celebrity who rose to fame after she entered the Pinoy Big Brother house. She’s also Jason Abalos’ girlfriend.

12. Arci Munoz

A former contestant of Starstruck who soon became a celebrity and now, the vocalist of a rock band.

11. Julia Montes

The former Goin’ Bulilit star is now one of the most popular celebrities in the industry.

10. Sofia Andres

A Star Magic who used to get the supporting roles, but look at her now, she’s already making a name for herself!

9. Yassi Pressman

She’s definitely the queen of the dancefloor! She’s currently loved for her character as Alyanna in Ang Probinsyano.

8. Sue Ramirez

A celebrity who rose to fame after she made several song covers and made it a big hit online.

7. Coleen Garcia

Billy Crawford’s fiance is truly one of the celebrities who have that glowing and flawless skin!

6. Bea Alonzo

A Star Magic artist who was best known for playing the role of Basha in the hit movie ‘One More Chance’.

5. Loisa Andalio

After she joined the Pinoy Big Brother, she started to get projects for herself. In fact, she’s currently a part of the hit tv series ‘The Good Son’.

4. Jessy Mendiola

In 2016, she was hailed as the most gorgeous woman in the Philippines.

3. Marian Rivera

The Kapuso artist who was hailed as the Queen of Teleserye.

2. Julia Barretto

She’s perhaps the prettiest young artist in the industry! Her breakthrough film was ‘Vince and Kath and James’.

1. Liza Soberano

A Half-Filipina and Half-American actress who was hailed as the most beautiful lady in the world and also the so-called millennial Darna.

We say to all the girls out there. Along with good nutrition and proper hydration for healthy, luminous skin, an essential skincare routine is vital. It's super simple, always wash your face before bed and always apply your skincare routine, morning and night. If you have super crazy irritated skin, run, don't walk, to a dermatologist.

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