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Vice Ganda Shares His Struggles In Recent Surgery He Had.

Vice Ganda Shares His Struggles In Recent Surgery He Had.

One of the hardest things in life is the struggle of facing a serious illness. Whether it is a family or you, struggling with an illness is a really hard battle. We are always worried about the expenses and the condition, and as well as the chance of success in operation and recovery. This is common to many of us, like what the old adage says, "Bawal ang magkasakit". This is because when you have an illness, people in your life will be affected as well yet amidst all these our family remains our strength.

Yes, these are the people who are always there for us and they are always trying their best to comfort us, take care of us, and stand by us during this hard-fought battle. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal star Vice Ganda. He's been making a buzz all over social media after people heard from him the struggles he's been through with a serious health condition. People are all worried about him and they are now talking about it on social media. 

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Showbiznest Video" featured the actor Vice Ganda. We all know that the phenomenal TV Host is one of the leading talents in the showbiz industry because of his great skills in acting, amazing charisma, and as well as his hilarious jokes.

He's been doing quite well in his career and many of us would agree that he is at the peak of his popularity as people are now following and cheering for him across the world.

But recently, the actor is absent in the different shows he is in because it was reported that he is going through a surgery. Apparently, fans and supporters are all worried about him because they didn't know what really is happening with him and they are really missing him especially on the show called Its Showtime.

Apparently, the video clip shows that Vice Ganda is already okay and he started being present again in his shows. During the show, he shared the things that he's been through and it was really devastating. He explained that it was one of the hardest experience he is been on and it is really painful.

He also shared that he had multiple kidney stones and it was the hardest struggle that he had but he also said that he was thankful for the life that he has and he realizes that life is really beautiful and he encourages everyone to embrace it.

He also said that though the struggle is the hardest ever it was one of the best lessons in life that he received. He realized how much people loved him and how much his family is there for him in the hardest times of his life.

The video went massively viral on social media and they are now giving their comments and sentiments on Vice. They were all happy for him and fans supporters are glad that he is already present in the shows and they were all excited for more of his jokes and entertainment in the broadcasting network.

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