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Vice Ganda Admits That Back Then He Tried To Have A Girlfriend Once.

Vice Ganda Admits That Back Then He Tried To Have A Girlfriend Once.

Though how much you became popular in this world, celebrities and showbiz personalities are still people. Yes, people who need friends, who need company, and people who can love and be loved. It is important that we see our favorite celebrities that just like us they also have needs and wants in their lives. One of which is being in a good company. We are always in search of that feeling of belongingness and like them, they also have established good relationships with their fellow celebrities in the industry. This can be started through social media and then hanging out or through a project that they have been working together and after that hanging out since then.

Many celebrities are often very vocal when it comes to their friends in the showbiz industry. They are often telling the media the unique stories they have with their friends and as well as the secrets they are hiding. We couldn't help but be happy about it because we want to get to know them more. Yet sometimes, we cannot help but hear from people who are digging up old stories wherein it can become a huge topic on social media. Just like what recently happened with Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda. People are now making a buzz about the thing that Anne has said about Vice looking for a girlfriend in the past.

A video is now is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "ABS-CBN Entertainment" featured the actor Vice Ganda. We all know that the phenomenal TV Host is one of the leading talents in the showbiz industry because of his great skills in acting, amazing charisma, and as well as his hilarious jokes.

He's been doing quite well in his career and many of us would agree that he is at the peak of his popularity as people are now following and cheering for him across the world.

But did you know that before Vice became who he is today that he had a lot of challenges when it comes to his identity? Yes, Vice is now one of the examples in the LGBT community but most people didn't know that Vice had been wishing to have a girlfriend.

Apparently, a video clip in his noontime show reveals a secret that only Anne knows because he told her about it in the past. They have been making a buzz all over social media and many people are surprised about them.

The video shows that they were just making their usual entertainment in the show up until they have been joking about if the contestant would like to have a woman in his life. The contestant firmly says no to Anne.

Anne Curtis then revealed the secret that Vice shared with her. Apparently, Vice have said to her that he would like to try again and have a girlfriend in his life. Vice then reacted saying "Bakit Anne gusto mo bang bumalik ako at maghanap ako ng girlfriend ngayon?"

People were quite surprised about what they say on air and it immediately gained the attention on social media. They were all giving their positive sentiments on the actor and some women couldn't believe that Vice Ganda wanted to have a girlfriend. Some are even saying that Vice is really handsome and it could be easy for him to have one because he is now successful.

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