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Woman Shares Her Romantic Experience With Boyfriend Who’s Five Years Older Than Her.

A woman revealed how it feels to love someone younger than you.

We all have probably heard the saying "Age doesn't matter" and we can always hear it movies, TV shows, events, and even in our day to day lives. We can see different examples of it in social media and as well as in real life. To many of us, age is really a factor because it determines the mindset and understanding of one another but when it comes to love and relationship, people debate upon it. Yes, it is common to us to talk about these things because for some having a huge age gap with your partner seems so radical and out of the norm but for others they think its quite normal and it is really true love.

That really depends on how the person sees this but in this world that is full of judgemental people, we tend to feel that whatever we do or say they are silently noting the bad stuff about us in their heads. We tend to not trust anyone with our problems, sentiments, and the things that we are currently going through.

But then we need to have an outlet of how we feel and thanks to social media, we were able to let go of what we feel through pages and groups such as secret files on Facebook.

There are a lot of secret files on Facebook that let us tell our life stories without being exposed to the world. This secret files helps us to tell the world of our story and helps us to lighten the weight we have in our heart because we already said the burdens that we have in life.

Just like how a woman was able to tell the world about her love story. According to her story, she fell in love with someone who is 5 years younger than her which is not very normal for Filipinos because we are used of the man is older than the woman, maybe are a reason why she shared her story in a secret file. Not that she was ashamed of her relationship but because it was not very normal for others.

In her post, she shared how their relationship grew through time. As most of how couples started, they also started from friends. They were both Filipinos who are living outside the country when they met and they decided to become friends because they have the same nationality.

But as the time passes by they grew to love each other despite the 5 years age gap that they have. That time, the man was only 17 years old while she was already 22 years old.

She was taken aback by the man’s bravery to ask her mom if he could court her and this also became the building block of her love to the guy.

She also shared how she saw that the guy is really worth it when was so drunk and he did not take advantage of her and just watched her sleep the whole night. Which made her heart leap and answer him yes. They have been together for 3 years now and they are already expecting their first child.

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