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17-Year Old Magician Left Vice Ganda And Judges Impressed In PGT6 Auditions.

17-Year Old Magician Left Vice Ganda Impressed And Almost In Shock.

This world is filled with so many talented human beings. You will be left in big surprise to know the different skills so many people can do, and most of them are just around the corner, waiting to be discovered.

A lot of people strive hard on working on their crafts with a dream that one day, it will pave way for the stars to align, and their lives will change for the best. Many of them constantly try and are willing to go through the struggles, even rejection, just to get recognized and hopefully make it one day.

When we think of talent, what normally comes to mind to most of us are the usual things that we see on screen. Usually, the most entertaining would be dancing or singing, but there’s a whole lot of arena out there that will shock you if you only take the time.

There are several talent shows that are currently out there who are in search for these talents. They are open to everyone who thinks they have what it takes to make it in the entertainment business. These people are out there not mainly for fame, rather, for a chance of lifetime for them to show the world what they actually got.

Vice Ganda is one of the most famous and powerful personalities in showbiz right now.  His own success story is known to many and has served as an inspiration to believe in your dreams and persevering until they come true. He is a living proof that you can make things happen if you work hard for it and not give up.

Vice Ganda hosts several of the top-ranking shows of today. He went a lot far from his days as a stand-up comedian in local bars in the metro. His struggles and determination are what perhaps make him have a soft spot to the talented ones that seem to want to have their own shot to success.

Laughter is what he brings when makes his way to the screen. But aside from being funny, his charisma and wisdom are also undeniable. His opinion over things have earned its way to being respected and there is no doubt that today, Vice Ganda is one of the strongest forces to be reckoned with in the industry.

Being a host of talent shows, many have tried to go out of their ways to impress the actor. There are lucky the lucky ones who have succeeded in doing so, while others need to work harder in getting the spotlight to shine brighter for them.

But recently, this 17-year-old guy named Jeptah Callitong, has caught the eye of the host and actor in his stint in the show Pilipinas Got Talent. This young man is from the province of Ilocos Sur and he has captured the heart of Vice Ganda as he performed his superb magic tricks, leaving the actor in pure awe. Vice Ganda was truly impressed by the different tricks he pulled off. The talent that he showcased made the actor super impressed.

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