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Xander Ford's friend shares how strong and kind the artist's heart is.

Xander Ford's friend shares how strong and kind the artist's heart is.

One of the hardest challenges in the life of a celebrity is that they are always facing the limelight. Though the limelight is really good for them there are times that people can be really stressful especially when everyone's eyes are on you. Nowadays, news can easily spread all over the country because of the advanced social media that we have. The downside is that the internet is also open to the opinions and thoughts of the people and they can easily say whatever they have to say about them.

This is the main reason why many famous people like celebrities and showbiz personalities are often private when it comes to their personal lives. People can give comments and sentiments about them and they keep barging in in their lives. It may be good and it may be bad but there are times that celebrities can easily become a huge topic on social media whenever a person posted a video or photo of them on social media. As fans, we can only give love and support to them but we cannot control what others might say about them.

Just like what recently happened with the social media sensation Xander Ford. He's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw a post of him in one of his performances in Samar. People are quite surprised at what happened there and they are giving their sentiments about it.

A Facebook story is now going viral all over social media after a social media user named "Jheanniver Cablao Nablo" featured the social media star, Xander Ford. We all know that the sensational artist has been famous all over the country because of his amazing skills in dancing, singing, and comedy.

People are following and adoring all the things he is doing because he is one of the most controversial social media sensations in the country.

He rose to fame because of his amazing transformation from Marlou Arizala and now to Xander Ford. People are always astounded of what he is doing with his life and they are all waiting for updates about him on the different social media platforms that he had.

But recently, the social media artist is making a buzz on social media after people heard about his performance in Catbalogan Samar. Apparently, the actor went to Catbalogn together with the phenomenal dancer Ella Cruz. They were asked to perform and entertain the crowd and people were all pumped up.

But what caught the attention of many people is that how Xander Ford handled a tragic thing while his performance. While the artist is doing his performance on stage, apparently, one of his haters throws Ice Water at him, making him look wet.

But still, he continued on with his performance as if nothing happened. Later on, one of his friends who are guiding them om Samar took to Facebook everything that had happened. She shared how quiet and peaceful Xander is when he is in the limelight.

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

He is really determined to give his all for the sake of his family and is working hard night and day. The social media user complained about those people who threw the water at him and it is really rude and uncalled for. The story went massive on social media and they are now talking about it all over.

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

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