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Xander Ford's Video Kissing A Girl Surprises Many On Social Media.

Xander Ford's Video Kissing A Girl Surprises Many On Social Media.

We all know that the internet is very open when it comes to the opinions and criticisms of people. Yes, with this in mind, people are always mindful of the things that they will post and the things that they will do because one thing can become instant viral on social media. This is common nowadays especially to the young people who are always on social media. We can always hear people who gained instant popularity on the internet because of a certain viral video and a certain thing that they did. This both on the positive and the negative side of things.

Some people became famous because people admire them for their beauty, skills, and the good things they have done while others are becoming famous because they have a lot of bashers and haters. Just like the story of the social media artist, Xander Ford. Though Xander is really popular in the country, he also has a lot of haters and bashers on social media but then again he is really famous and their hate just sounds bitter to the ears of his fans. He's been making a buzz recently after people saw a video of him together with a beautiful girl. People were surprised and they are now talking about it all over social media.

An Instagram story is now going viral all over social media after the social media artist and phenomenal icon Xander Ford shared it on his account. We all know that Xander Ford has been one of the leading young social media sensations in the showbiz industry now and people have admired him for the many things he did on the different platforms of social media. 

Xander Ford is one of the most popular icons in social media and he was even called the "King of Social Media" for he was discovered and has risen to fame through his followers in different platforms on the internet. He rose to fame beginning with the name "Marlou Arizala", people loved him because of his funny videos and controversial opinions on the current issue on the internet.

After a while, Marlou Arizala changed his identity and called himself "Xander Ford" and this is also accompanied by a huge cosmetic transformation and people were surprised of what he did to himself. The popularity of Xander grew rapidly and many are inspired by the things that he is doing up until he gave out a remark at the phenomenal star "Kathryn Bernardo." 

Ever since the Kathryn Bernardo controversy, the social media artist had a lot of bashers and haters and many people didn't like him. But then he still famous in spite of the hate and bash of others and now people are more lured into his career and were always waiting for updates about his life.

Recently, a video is now making a buzz after people saw a video wherein he is kissing a young woman. We can remember that Xander Ford is linked with a beautiful girl and which people speculated that that girl is his "girlfriend". In the video, you will see that Xander Ford is together with the girl and they were closed together lying down in a bed.

The woman woke up and she hugs Xander and the social media artist gave her a kiss on the lips. He then went on to the camera and he was really happy and apparently, he sounded like he was teasing someone in the video. The video went massive on social media and social media pages are now posting it all over.

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

People are now giving their comments and sentiments on the video and they were all saying that Xander Ford will be happy especially this coming Valentine's day.

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