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Xander Ford's Heartwarming Statement To His Girlfriend Gains Attention On Social Media.

Xander Ford's Heartwarming Statement To His Girlfriend Gains Attention On Social Media.

As we celebrate the month of love, we can all see people going out to dates and celebrating their love for each other. They were giving gifts, love letters, and as well as heartfelt messages to their partners and as a result, the social media is filled with so much love. Yes, this is common to many couples and we are always happy whenever we see our friends and loved ones becoming happy with their respective relationships. But this is not just common to us normal folks but also to famous people like celebrities and social media sensations.

We are always happy whenever our favorite celebrities whenever they post such loving tweets and statuses to their partners and it also gives us so much hope when it comes to love. But there are times that people are not satisfied with the happiness of others and when it comes to celebrities they always have something to say. Just like what recently happened with the phenomenal social media artist, Xander Ford. He's been making a buzz all over social media after people saw Valentine's post from him. People are now going crazy and now talking about it all over social media.

A video is now going viral all over social media after a YouTube channel named "Sikat Trendz" featured the phenomenal social media artist, Xander Ford. We all know that Xander Ford has been one of the leading young social media sensations in the showbiz industry now and people have admired him for the many things he did on the different platforms of social media. 

Xander Ford is one of the most popular icons in social media and he was even called the "King of Social Media" for he was discovered and has risen to fame through his followers in different platforms on the internet. He rose to fame beginning from the name "Marlou Arizala", people loved him because of his funny videos and controversial opinions on the current issue on the internet.

After a while, Marlou Arizala changed his identity and called himself "Xander Ford" and this is also accompanied by a huge cosmetic transformation and people were surprised of what he did to himself. The popularity of Xander grew rapidly and many are inspired by the things that he is doing up until he gave out a remark at the phenomenal star "Kathryn Bernardo." 

Ever since then the social media artist gained more popularity and as well as bashers. People are flooding his post every time he brings something on social media. He is always the topic and all the things he's done is always the topic of social media. 

Recently, a video is now making a buzz after people saw a new update about him. As everyone is celebrating Valentine's day, Xander Ford also celebrated it with his girlfriend and he brought it out on social media. 

He said all the loving things about his girl and the experience with her is so great. He was really happy with her and you can see that they are going strong.

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

A post shared by Xander Ford (@iamxanderford) on

He also shared that he is thankful for all the love that she gave to him that he didn't experience when he was still Marlou Arizala.

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